Why Windows Cleaning Makes Sense During The Fall Season

Do you know when is the best time for windows cleaning? The truth is, you can clean it anytime. There are specific reasons to clean it at various seasons of the year. When you clean it during the springtime, you are cleaning the windows at its dirtiest after the winter ended. Cleaning windows during the summer months allow you to get rid of the pollen that got on the glass – remnants of the past season.


If you think about it, the fall season seems like the least ideal time to clean windows – at least, next to winter. During the autumn months, the rain comes more frequently. Does it really make sense to clean your windows outside?


Yes, it does.


Here are three reasons why you may want to conduct windows cleaning during the fall season.

The climate is perfect for it

For three months, you get to enjoy milder temperatures. No more hot summer air that can quickly dry the water that you used to clean the windows. There is no chance for streaks forming before you had the chance to dry the windows properly. You can clean your windows and have enough time to dry it.


What about the rain? Well, rain is actually very clean. The only reason why some windows appear dirty after a rain shower is because it was already dirty, to begin with. Rain is actually clean water – no chemicals, salt or minerals. If you finish your windows cleaning task before it rains, you will see that it will appear clearer. Clean at the start of the season and let nature keep on cleaning your windows for you.

You save more money

Believe it or not, a dirty window can cost you money because it blocks the heat coming from the Sun. The rays of the Sun can help heat your home – especially as the climate starts to turn cooler as the months go by. Clean windows will give the natural heat a chance to penetrate – making it easier for your HVAC system to keep your home warm.

The windows are protected

The fall season comes with a lot of wind and falling leaves and debris. When you clean your windows, you can apply an extra layer of protection to keep these flying leaves and debris from scratching or making the glass brittle. In essence, this will also help you save money in the long run. After all, windows cleaning is cheaper compared to replacing them.

You can check for damages

While the windows are being cleaned, it is the perfect time to scrutinize it and see if there are damages. The sooner you can deal with it, the less it becomes a problem. It is better to have this fixed before the colder winter months come in. Replacing windows can be harder and more expensive when you do it after the fall season.


Windows cleaning is always best done by a professional – but you can always opt to do it on your own. Just make sure that you know how to do it. You should also research the right products that you can use to make sure your windows are protected. This will help prolong the life of the window and keep you from the unnecessary cost of premature windows replacement.

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