When Should You Schedule A Siding Replacement

When is the perfect time to schedule a siding replacement? You need to be careful in scheduling when you want to have the siding of your house replaced. Some materials, like vinyl, is best installed during the right season. Vinyl is actually quite sensitive to extreme temperatures. The quality of the siding that you will install might be compromised so you have to know when to make the replacement.


So when is the best time for you to replace your siding?

Do not replace sidings during extreme weathers

Never have your sidings replaced when it is too hot or too cold. That means a summer or winter schedule is out of the question.


Vinyl is made of plastic – so installing it when the weather is too hot can cause it to stretch and expand. That can make it hard to estimate if you are installing the siding properly against each other. For instance, if you nailed a vinyl siding when the weather is 100 degrees outside, that will make the siding shorter when the cold winter months come in. Not only that, the stretching siding can possibly bump against the casings of the window. This can cause it to buckle and maybe even fall off.


When the weather is too cold, you will also have some issues with the siding replacement. If the temperature drops below 50 degrees, the vinyl panels will contract. That will lead to nailing them on the exterior of the house too tightly. Not only that, plastic tends to become brittle. So when you nail it, it could cause the panel to crack. The wasted panels will just unnecessarily increase the cost of your siding replacement project.

Too much moisture during the spring season

So if you cannot replace your siding during extreme weathers, you are left with two options. Now if you plan to do it during the springtime, you might want to reconsider as well. It is true that the weather is more pleasant to work on replacing the siding. However, you might have to deal with too much moisture in the air. The sudden rainstorms will cause some problems with the installation.


The truth is, replacing the siding of your house will take some time. What if rain pours in the middle of the installation. This will expose the sheathing and walls of your home to mold. If you just cover that up with the siding, that can cause a lot of problems and infestations in the future. Treating those molds will take time and will make you late on your project completion.


Of course, spring is still better than summer or winter. So if you cannot wait to have the siding replaced, you should make sure that there will be no rains while the installation is going on.

Best time for siding replacement is during the fall

At this point, you should have guessed that the best time to schedule your siding replacement is during the fall season. What is great about this season is the fact that you can also get great discounts on materials. Usually, contractors get their new inventory when winter comes in. That means they would want to get rid of their last-season inventory. You can take advantage of this discount.


Usually, the fall season is also the off-peak of home improvements. Since winter is just around the corner, homeowners are hesitant to start anything during the fall – for fear that it will not finish in time. So you can expect to get a great discount on labor costs too.


But what about the weather?


Well, autumn brings a moment of rain too – just like spring. However, what is great about scheduling your siding replacement during this time is the fact that you can prepare your home for the winter season. You can check any gaps and have them sealed. You can also give the insulation of your house a boost. That means you are not just replacing your siding. You are also preparing your home for the cold winter months. This is your chance to make your home more energy efficient.


If you are unsure about when you should have a siding replacement, try to talk to a professional about it. They should be able to give you helpful tips about when it is best to do this home improvement project.


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