What Are The Window Trends For 2019

Are you looking for the current window trends for 2019? If you are scheduled to build a new house or renovate your current home, it pays to know the latest trends. That way, you can ensure that your home looks tastefully built.

What is great about the incoming trends in the coming year is that it is modern, clean, and simple. These characteristics indicate that it will remain to be visually appealing regardless of the new trends that will emerge in the future.

So what can you expect from the trends next year? Here are some of the important things that you need to look into.

Black and dark hues

Black frames seem to be increasing in popularity in 2019. What is great about this is that black will always be a great color for your window frame. It provides a great outline for your view of the outside world. This black trend is true for both interior and exterior frames.


If you are not sure about the color black, dark colors will also be popular. You can opt for dark green, barn red, or even dark brown. This will bring life to your windows while keeping with the recent trends.

Painted frames

Painted frames are also expected to be the preference. This gives homeowners the option to change the color of the frames in the future if they choose to do so. This gives you the freedom to choose the material that you want to use. If you want black frames, you do not have to limit yourself to metal materials like steel or aluminum. You can use wood or other lighter materials and have it painted with the color you choose.

Modern windows

When talking about modern windows, this means having clean and simple designs. What is great about this is that you get a better view out of the windows. You get simple shapes, fewer grids, and refined styles. Mixing shapes will also be in trend but the design will still be very conservative.

Big windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows will also be a trend in 2019. This is one of the window trends that will make it really functional too. Not only will it give you an unobstructed view, but it will also help make your home more energy-efficient. First of all, it helps bring the natural light in, making it unnecessary to use your indoor lights. It can also help keep your home warm naturally during the day. These huge windows will also make your home look bigger because it gives the illusion of having a lot of space.


These are the window trends that you may want to consider for next year. What is great about these trends is that it is not neutral, but it is not too bold either. Black, although it is considered a simple color, it still quite elegant when used properly. Not only that, the window designs are very functional. Have fewer grids will maximize the view through the window. The big windows will allow natural light to come in – making your home more energy efficient. The natural light can also add to the warmth in your home, giving your HVAC system a bit of aid.


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