Should The Trim Be Replaced If I Get New Windows?

Do you think it is smarter to replace the trim when you decide to get new windows?

The truth is, the wear and tear of window trims are not the same as the other parts like the pane, jamb, etc. After all, it is just stationary so it is not prone to break. That does not mean it will never require replacement. It will need to be replaced sometime but just not as often as the rest of your windows.

When should you replace the trim for your new windows?

So when is the best time to replace the trim in time for your new windows? There are a couple of signs that will tell you that it needs to be replaced.

It looks worn out

Obviously, if the trim looks worn out, you need to have it replaced. Sometimes, insects, moisture, and the weather will cause the trim to splinter, rot, or deteriorate. If it is showing signs that it is wearing out, you might as well replace it together with your new windows.

It does not fit the new style

If you planned to update the style of your windows, then you should check if the old trim will complement it or not. If the old trim matches other windows that you have no plans of replacing, then maybe you do not need to change it. But if not, then you have no choice but to get rid of your old trim. It does not matter if it is still in good condition. It should match your new windows.

It is cheaper to replace both at the same time

Sometimes, the contractor offers an attractive package that bundles the replacement of new windows and trim. Consider both your budget and the condition of the trim. If you think that it has been used for a long time anyway, it might be okay to grab the deal being offered by the contractor.

What to consider when replacing new windows and trims

When you have decided to replace the trim together with your new windows, you need to consider the material carefully. There are materials that will require a lot of maintenance – like wood and aluminum. These need to be repainted every now and then to maintain their visual appeal. Other materials like plastic or vinyl will not require that much attention. Wood is the material that requires the most attention. It is the most beautiful but you need to be prepared to spend for its upkeep.

Another consideration that you need to think about is whether to replace both the exterior and interior trims. Obviously, the exterior trim will wear out faster because it is exposed to the outside elements more. However, if you only replace one, will it affect the overall look of the new windows?

The interior window trim includes various pieces like the molding (crown, half round, etc), the casing (head and side), the stool, etc. If you replace the interior trim, you might have to touch all of these.

In case you will be using the same style for the exterior trim, it might not be necessary to change the interior. But if you will change it, then you should probably update the inside too.

If you are struggling with the decision, it might help to talk to a professional about it. Have them check your existing trim before the new windows are installed. That way, they can make a thorough assessment of the condition of your window trim.

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