How To Maintain Your Doors And Windows During The Fall

How do you prepare your doors and windows for the cold winter season? You need to conduct a maintenance check on them during the autumn season. This includes cleaning and making sure that they are sealed and able to insulate your home as we enter into the coldest season of the year.

Most of the time, we concentrate on the furniture outside our home. We rake the leaves, prune the garden, and prepare outdoors for the coming winter. There are so many things accomplished outside of the house but we tend to forget one thing that is crucial in keeping our homes warm from the autumn until the winter season. We forget to check our doors and windows.

Now that you know that this is a must, what can you do to maintain them during the fall season?

Clean the doors and windows

Start by cleaning them properly. If there are parts that you can remove or move, run through them and make sure they are all clean. Clean the glass and the window sills. If there are any debris or dirt, you need to get rid of these. If left there, it will make your windows harder to close. Use a brush to get rid of the debris and brush. Then wipe the glass clean too.

Decide if you will replace or repair

Sometimes, the material of the door or the window is already damaged. If this is so, no amount of sealant will keep your home insulated. You should probably call in a professional to help you with this home improvement project. If you have no other choice but to replace an old door or window, make sure you get an energy-efficient one. You can order a door or a window that is insulated well because of features like double-panes, etc.

Put shades or blinds

This is also something that can insulate your home. Placing shades or blinds can keep the cold from coming in. This will add to the energy-efficiency of your doors and windows.

Seal any cracks or gaps

Look at the doors and windows for any gaps. You want to make sure that there will be no leaks. The fall season is the time when rainfall is at its heaviest. You do not want water leaking into your home. Place a sealant or caulk around every door and window in your home. This will not only keep the leaks from happening, it will also keep your home well insulated.

There are certain signs that will tell you if your doors and windows are leaking or drafty. Here are some of them.

  • You can visibly see a crack. You have to replace this if you can see a crack. It will only get worse if you don’t.
  • You can feel a draft coming in from the outside. This is an indication that there is a hole somewhere.
  • There is condensation building up in the pane. If the condensation happens even in a double or triple-pane window, you might have to replace the whole thing.
  • You can hear the noise coming from the outside. While a lot of doors and windows are not sound-proof, it should keep the noise level down. But if you notice that it has gotten louder, then there is a gap somewhere that is letting the noise in.
  • The energy bill is higher. Finally, if you notice the energy bill getting higher, that means there is a leak somewhere. Your HVAC system is working harder than it has to if your home is not insulated well.

Checking if your doors and windows have leaks can be done through a smoke test too. Or, you can just hire a professional to help you check everything and make sure you are ready for the fall and winter seasons.

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