Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful At Summer Cleaning Your Windows

Do you have everything that you need for that summer cleaning project of yours? Every area in your house requires a specific set of steps and products to help you efficiently clean it. So if you are scheduled to clean your windows, there are a couple of things that you need to know to ensure a thorough and successful cleaning.

Obviously, you want to be successful at cleaning your windows because it will give you a clear view of the outside. It will maximize the natural light coming into your home. Not only that, it will also help lengthen the life of the windows.

But before you start your summer cleaning project, there are important things you need to know.

When to clean your windows

Spring and summer are usually the best times to clean your home. During springtime, you may want to focus on the inside of your home. But when summertime comes, you can shift your focus on the outside. With the sun shining and the weather bright and clear, it is the best time for you to give your windows a thorough cleaning. You can spot all the dust and dirt so you can clean it properly.


Before you start the task, you need to be sure that you have the right tools and products to clean windows. Not only that, you should know the process that you will follow to clean it. You have to understand the material of the window to make sure that the products that you will use are appropriate for it. You might be able to clean it but if you use the wrong product, it might weaken and compromise the window in the process.

Cleaning tools for windows

Here are the different cleaning tools that will help you give windows a thorough summer cleaning.


  • This is a type of cleaning tool that is perfect for cleaning glass window panes. It has a soft trim that will help remove liquids from the windows as you clean and dry it. The material will not scratch the glass – which is something that you do not want to happen to your window.
  • Clean rags. This is perfect for buffing up your windows. Make sure the cloth is made of soft material. You do not have to buy a new one. If you have old t-shirts, you can cut these up and use them as your rag.
  • Some people are actually torn about this. Professionals try to discourage people from using this but there are those who swear that it is great for buffing windows and making them shine. There are those who attest to the fact that it works better than a clean rag. In case you want to use this, start from the corner of the window to see how the newspaper rubs on the glass. Scrunch the paper into a ball and use it on the window surface.

Cleaning products for windows

Now that you know the tools you can use, let us go to the products that will be most effective in cleaning your windows. Before you start your summer cleaning, you might want to choose between these two.


  • Homemade hot, soapy water. If you do not want to spend, you can create your own cleaning product. Just mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid in hot water – not scalding hot but just right for your skin. This is effective enough to help with any type of surface.
  • Window cleaning products. If you have a budget for it, you can go ahead and buy a cleaning product that is specifically made for windows. If there are tough stains and dirt, you might have a better chance of removing them when you use these products. Just make sure you read the label so you know you are getting the right one for your windows. You need to follow the directions to avoid any accidents.

Steps to clean windows

Now that you know the tools and cleaning products to use, it is time for you to determine how you will go about the summer cleaning of your windows. Here are the basic steps for you to follow.


  • Prep the area around the window. If there are items on the windowsill or around it, you might want to remove it. Tie back the curtain so you can easily access the window.
  • Apply your chosen cleaning product. If you bought a commercial product, make sure you follow the directions on the label. Try not to apply too much to minimize drips.
  • Remove the cleaning product. Use either a squeegee or a clean soft cloth. Make sure you wipe it off immediately to avoid having the residue dry on the surface of the window. Start at the top of the window and work your way down. Use small circular strokes.


Repeat these steps on all the windows and you should be able to complete your summer cleaning project in no time. If there are tough stains that you cannot remove, make sure to call a professional in to help you out. And while you are cleaning the windows, be on the look-out for any damages or parts that might need to be repaired or replaced.

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