Door Trends That Will Bring You Into The Future Of 2019

Do you want to find out the door trends for 2019? If you want to improve the overall look of your house, but you do not have the finances for a total renovation, changing the color of your door should do the trick.


When someone looks at your home, the focal point is usually your front door. This is why a simple changing of color will give your house a refreshing look. You do not have to spend so much when all you have to do is to change the color of your front door. If you have extra money, you might want to change the color of the window sill and frames to match. But if not, the door on its own is enough.


Of course, that means you need to choose the right color that will give you the look that you want to achieve. It is not just a simple case of choosing a color and being done with it. You want to make sure that you get the perfect hue and shade. You do not want your door to clash with the existing look of your house. If you choose the wrong color, you might end up redoing everything or repainting the whole house.


To give you an idea about what to choose, here are the expected colors that will be the hottest door trends in 2019.

Cool blue shade

This is actually a timeless color choice. You can never go wrong with blue – especially if you want to add a touch of coolness into the facade of your house. What is nice about the color blue is that it gives off a calm and relaxing vibe. It oozes a subtle positive energy that will definitely affect anyone standing at your front door – including yourself.

Sunshine yellow

If you want a bright home, there is no better choice than yellow. This can always make your home feel light, happy, and positive. You do not have to use the really bright shades if you do not want to. There are more subdued shades of yellow that you can opt for. It is a great color to pair with other pastel colors like blue or even light gray.

Playful in pink

This is one of the door trends that can be quite eccentric. Not everyone is bold enough to have a pink door. But if you have a playful personality and you want your home to have the same vibe, this is the right color shade for you. If you have a pastel color for walls (e.g. light blue, teal, aqua), the pink door will really blend well. This is a very eye-catching color to have. Take a risk and make your house as picturesque as it can be.

Tamed and calm teal

This is another shade of blue that you can opt for. What is great about the color teal is that it exudes calmness and wellness. If you want your environment to help you control that chaos that is your life, then this is the perfect shade for your door. You want to leave all the worries behind you as you enter your home. That way, you can start healing as you stay in your house after a tiring and stressful day outside.


These door trends for 2019 can really help make your home a whole new look. It seems like a simple update to make but if you choose the right color, you will find it to be more than enough for what you need to start the year right.

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