What Are The Different Home Siding Options

Are you aware of the different home siding options that you have? If you have plans to change the siding that you have in your house, you should probably try to understand the different options that you have.


The siding that you use for your house is very important. First of all, it is one of the things responsible for giving your home a great look. You want to make sure that the siding of your home suits your doors, windows, and roof. Whether you are going for a modern, Victorian, or country look, the siding that you will use should help you achieve that.


Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the home siding can also protect the inside of your home. A shelter has always been important because it provides both safety and security. The siding of your property will give an added layer of protection for everything that is inside the house. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, you also have to consider functionality.


To make the best choice, here are the different home sidings that you can opt for.


Stucco is a mixture of cement and other materials like sand, lime, and water. It is installed directly on the wall. It can be tinted so it does not have to be painted. The type of sand that is mixed with it will determine the texture of the home siding. This type of cladding had been used for a very long time. It is not prone to rotting and damages caused by insects. It provides a really solid siding for the house. Over time, synthetic stucco was developed – specifically during the 1950s. It was the best option to repair buildings and structures that were damaged during WWII. The synthetic version is also the inexpensive option. It is composed of three layers: a textured finish for the exterior, a cement base, glue, and fiberglass mesh for the middle, and a foam insulation board for the interior.


This is also one of the oldest siding options. In fact, it can be assumed that this is one of the first options for builders. It is also quite beautiful in a very rustic way. Of course, wood sidings that are used in modern building projects are stained because it has to be protected. While this is one of the most beautiful home siding options that you have, it is also prone to rotting, insect damages, splitting, splintering, etc. Of course, manufacturers do their very best to protect the wood so these issues can be minimized. Wood sidings have various options like shingle and vertical panel wood sidings. Wood sidings can also come in synthetic form. It is also referred to as masonite, hardboard, or pressboard siding. These are made of wood flakes, chips, or fibers that are held together using resin or glue.


This is a type of siding that serves as a fireproof cladding for homes and buildings alike. It was introduced back in the 1920s. This is actually made of a rock that has a fibrous composition that looks like fur or hair. This can also be used for homes with insulation requirements. While it is effective, it can be dangerous when it is broken. It can be a health risk when inhaled. Some of the homes built during the late 70’s probably have asbestos siding.


This looks a lot like vinyl siding except that it is made of metal. It can easily be dented too. The price is usually the most appealing reason for choosing this siding as your option. It is also something that can be installed immediately – even over other types of siding.


This type of siding can feel like it is plastic. It can be the easiest to customize too. However, it is not as strong as the other options because it tends to flex. Like the aluminum home siding, it is appealing to homeowners because of the price and the fact that it can be placed on top of an existing siding. One of the drawbacks of this type of siding is that when one part gets destroyed, you need to replace everything. At least, if you want the whole thing to look the same. Even if you find the exact same thing that you installed in the past, the colors have already faded and the new siding will stand out.

Fiber Cement

This is the final home siding option that you have. This was only popular in recent years and is commonly referred to as hardiplank. It was produced by James Hardie during the 1980s. This was meant to replace the asbestos siding. It uses cellulose fibers, sand, and cement. It can be painted on, is very durable, and comes in different versions. You can have it customized for shape and style.


Consider all of these home siding options and find the right one that suits your taste and preference.


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