What To Consider When Choosing An Interior Door For Your Home

Do you know how to choose the right interior door that will complete your home? Sometimes, it is not given as much importance as the main door or the ones that lead outside. But the doors that separate the different rooms in your home should also be given much thought. In fact, there are some doors inside that are used more than the front door – like the door to the kitchen or the bathroom.


This is why you need to make sure that the door you will choose is functional. Of course, it has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. You want it to complement the theme that you have in your house. It may often go unnoticed but you should realize the effect that every interior door has in your home.

Important considerations when choosing an interior door

Choosing just one door involves a lot of decisions. Here are most of the choices that you need to go through.


Before we discuss the different styles, you need to consider if you will use only one style of door or different ones. It is possible to choose the same door for all the bathrooms – or you can choose different designs. Just make sure it is functional and is appropriate for the theme of your home. Consider the size of the room too. There are certain doors that can make a room feel smaller or bigger than it really is.

Not only that, there are also different types of doors that you can choose.

  • Sliding doors can be opened to the side. This is great for closet doors or in places where space is limited. You do not have to allow space for the swinging of the door to open or close it.
  • Pocket doors are also space savers. These slide into the wall instead of along the side.
  • Folding doors fold on either side and are great for utility purposes (e.g. closets, laundry rooms, pantries, etc.)
  • Panel doors are the most common doors that are made of wood or MDF. It is usually designed with patterns or square panels.
  • Flush doors are the most simple and contemporary of all the type of doors. It is smooth on both sides.
  • Barn doors will give your home some character. It gives a rustic and industrial look in your home.
  • French doors are not always solid – with some panels transparent or made of glass. This helps maximize natural light inside the room.
  • Dutch doors are divided horizontally – allowing you to open only the top half. This is great for kitchen doors.
  • Blind doors are like hidden doors. You will not see trims, hinges or handles. It blends into the wall and can be used to lead to a secret room or passage.


You should also consider how the door opens and closes. Do you want it to swing or slide? Should it swing to the right or left? It all depends on the room, space, and the people who will use the door. There are certain rules that you should remember when deciding. For instance, you should avoid having the door swing into a hall to avoid hitting someone.


Try not to be too economical when choosing the framing of the door. It can destroy the beauty of the door and could possibly cost you more in the long run. If you want to save money, you can opt to buy pre-hung doors that already come with a frame.

Sound transmission class

Not everyone is aware that they need to check the sound rating of a door. This simply refers to the measurement of the amount of sound loss through the door. If it is higher, that means less sound can be heard from the other side of the door.


Knowing the material is also important because it can dictate the design, style, and cost of the interior door. There are many options to choose from.

  • Solid wood that can either be hard or soft wood. This can be expensive but it also one of the most beautiful. It does shrink and expand depending on the temperature so you should avoid using it for bathrooms, etc.
  • MDF or medium density fiberboard is another type of material that is stable but not as costly. It is also easy to paint.
  • Hollow core is another material that you can consider for your door. It is made of plywood and is not as expensive as the others. But since it is hollow, it does not block that much sound.
  • Solid-core is also made of plywood but it has a more solid core that can help block more sound.
  • Metal and glass is another type of material that you can consider. This has a modern look that can be very beautiful when used inside a home.

Consider all of these when you are deciding on the interior door that you will use inside your home. Remember that functionality and your budget are also important considerations. Do not go all out when it comes to aesthetics. You also have to be practical.

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