Best Fall Color Choices To Make Your Front Door Fabulous

Are you contemplating on changing the color of your front door? Why not use the fall colors as your inspiration?

For some reason, fall is associated with the feeling of comfort. Once again, we face a season that is not too hot nor too cold. We start wearing more layers – without it feeling too constricting. The food we eat start to change from cool snacks to the warmer soups and stews. As the climate starts to turn cooler, we instinctively turn to the things that give us the most comfort.

If fall gives us such a feeling of comfort, wouldn’t it be the perfect shade for your front door? After all, that is what you want your home to feel like. It would be a great emotion to have as you look at your house from the outside.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned how the fall colors are quite breathtaking. You have the various shades of yellow, red, orange, brown etc. You have to admit that the combination is mesmerizing and really beautiful. The bright and fiery shades can also give the facade of your home some personality.

So what are the colors of fall that you can use on your front door?


If there is one color that represents fall, it is the color orange. But before you frown at the thought of having a bright orange shade on your door – you don’t have to choose that shade. Truth be told, the orange shade associated with the season is not that bright. Think more of a toned down version of a pumpkin. You can opt for a more pastel shade of orange. No matter what tone you go for, orange will always scream “autumn” any time.


If you want your home to give off a feeling of cheerfulness or brightness, then yellow is the best shade for you. This is the shade that is always associated with positivity. It will definitely give your home a lively feel even as we approach the cold and dreary winter months.

Mustard Yellow

In case you like the shade of yellow but you want to tone down the brightness, you can go for a mustard shade instead. This is the perfect shade that will give your front door a rustic look. At the same time, it also helps you achieve a warm and playful vibe to your home.


We mean the really bloody red for a door. It may seem like a scary shade to put on your main door but it will blend into the material – especially when you have a wooden door. It will dull out and the result will be beautiful. Red represents strength, power, and love – among other things. Painting your front door red should be a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Rustic Red

If the color red feels too bright for you, try a warmer shade of red. A rustic red shade is like a combination of marron and red – only it is softer. It might be perfect if you want a toned down version of red. It will give an energetic vibe without being too overwhelming.

Brick Red 

This is the classic shade of red that is perfect for front doors. It has the perfect combination of homey feel and warmth. While it is a traditional color for doors, it is certainly not boring to look at.


After you have chosen the right shade for your front door, you might want to consider pairing it with the right handles and other door hardware. It will help give your door the perfect look that will make your home feel warm and inviting.

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